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Chunk of Gold - Sour Chunk x Cherry Star Gold

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Chunk of Gold - Sour Chunk x Cherry Star Gold

Sour Chunk aka Texas Hog Plum (female) – (East Coast Sour Diesel x Deep Chunk)
The ECSD comes through most clearly in the scent, which has strong notes of rubber, fuel, skunks. However, there is a creamy, hashy Deep Chunk sweetness that manages to make its way to the forefront now and then. The astringent aromas dominate post-grind and this is a strain that is easily-noticed from several feet away when disturbed. A buzzing throughout the face and head comes on with an immediacy that definitely brings to mind the Diesel side of the family.

It also tends to hit the eyes quite a bit, at times making them burn with effect and continually fluctuating pressure. The early part of the duration feels rather Sativa in nature (though on the “stoney” and narcotic side of that spectrum) and improves mood while also providing such strong initial potency that it would be difficult to fall asleep. However, that changes rather quickly (normally around the 1 hour mark) and the Deep Chunk seems to take hold, filling the body with a buzzing relaxation and bringing the mental pace down quite a few notches. This strain is most suitable for an evening burst of cerebral activity leading into relaxation and eventually sleep. It’s also useful as an all-day medication for users who can continually consume smaller amounts and remain in the Sativa parts of the effect.

Cherry Star Gold (male)
This is a threesome cross of the old tried and true TRC Cherry Hashplant, Sensi Star, and Santa Marta Gold. The male selected is a super vigorous, bushy boy with a killer stem rub leaning toward the Cherry HP side of things

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